Big Fuel Snags Two Social Media Icon Awards
Big Fuel Snags Two Social Media Icon Awards
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Big Fuel & Social Media Icon awards

Last week, Big Fuel headed down to Miami for PR News’ Social Media Icon awards. As if soaking up some Florida sun wasn’t reward enough, we took home the gold for both categories in which we were nominated. Based on our much-talked-about “Break Up Letter” for T-Mobile, which empowered users to end their relationships with other carriers, we won Best Facebook Marketing Campaign. For Best Facebook Engagement, the ever-charming Aflac Duck shared the win with Demi Lovato–further elevating his major celeb status.

We’re extremely honored to have won for both nominations–(humble brag alert) if not a little unsurprised. We’re betting we’ll grab up more of these in our future, so long as we keep working with our incredible clients, like Aflac Social Media Manager Brenda Weigel (pictured).

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