Introducing DADuary-January is an official month of celebration of Dadhood!
Introducing DADuary-January is an official month of celebration of Dadhood!
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Okay, so I mainly write about moms in social media, but this month I’m going to help support a couple of dads who are trying to create “a new social movement celebrating the Dadhood in all its forms.”

Introducing DADuary.

JB, aka Manhood v. Dadhood, has joined forces with other bloggers and all month long they are asking for additional bloggers to post about Dadhood. They’ve created a Facebook page called DADuary. It was also created as a setting for dads to discuss and seek advice. DADuary is not meant to be only for dads or only by men, but anyone who has had a dad, wants to be a dad, or is related to someone who is a dad.

In addition to Facebook and blogs, the dads will be holding a DADuary twitter party on Thursday, January 12th from 6-7pm PST co-hosted with Bruce Sallan of

DADuary Twitter party
January 12, 2012
9-10pm EST

So will the dads succeed at creating a social movement?

This is no easy task these dads are taking on. First, social movements are usually based on some kind of grievance and that is clearly not what DADuary is about. And second, movements typically start when they has been some big event which causes people to stand up and take notice. Now one could say there is a grievance at hand. Moms clearly the majority of the attention from brands in social media. And the majority of most advertising features mom. And similar to how moms feel, Dads don’t feel brands are capturing them appropriately either. Portrayals are either stereotypical or the dads look like they are inept at everything from laundry to cooking and more.

So I asked two very influential dads what they thoughts. First I asked CC Chapman, founder of Digital Dads, who recently took on Ragu for their “What is Dinnertime like when Dad is in the kitchen” campaign. CC said, “Most brands and their agencies are clueless how to interact with dads. They play into the stereotypes that have been around for years, but are far outdated.

Dads today are a more active part of every family decision and activity than ever before. Yet, over and over brands still feel that moms make all the decisions and control the money in a household and that just isn’t the truth anymore.

I long for the day when brands will remember that I’m a man and a dad. While I love my kids and my family is my first priority, I’m still a guy and love to do guy things. It isn’t like I stop loving music,movies, sex and adventure the minute I become a father and yet this is how brands seem to act.”

And Adam Cohen of DadaRocks had this to say, “A marjority of brands portray dads in the vision of how many women typically stereotype dads. Characteristics of Al Bundy, Homer Simpson, and Peter Griffen.

With that said brands market to dads using cleavage and beer. Few brands have really found the spirit of positive fatherhood advertising. In 2011 I can only really think of 1 major ad – the VW DarthVadar. Other then that there was a very funny PSA from about a dad working with his daughter on getting her cheer right.

Clearly if one person can only remember two distinct tv ads we’re doing something wrong. When you can no longer remember ads – thats because there are just too many of them. When you do remember them there are clearly too few.”

Is time for “DADuary” and a celebration of fatherhood? I think so. What do you think?

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