Social venture gives books a new chapter on life and literacy funding.
Social venture gives books a new chapter on life and literacy funding.
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Did you know that every year thousands of libraries throw away millions of excess books to make room for new editions? Some books sit in storage, some are given away, but some are simply thrown out. I had no idea that libraries do this.

Enter the idea behind Better World Books–rescue the books and resell them all while helping to fund our libraries. I love this company and what they are doing. It’s a social venture that means the company will be measured on the impact they have on a social issue. It’s a social enterprise company that grew from a simple thought: profit should have true meaning like building libraries, literacy issues and reducing carbon footprints and landfill.

Every mom has shelves of books they are done reading or books their children have outgrown. What a wonderful way to put them to good use then through Better World Books. And literacy is such an important topic for every mom.

And Better World Books had created a company based on things that will appeal to every mom.

For every book you buy, they donate a book to either Feed The Children, Read International or Books for Africa. Not only does this help with literacy, it means less books in landfills. And so far they’ve donated over 5.8 million books. And they have re-used or recycled over 80 million pounds of books

And buying books from Better World Books has helped fund their literacy partners. In fact, you’ll see next to every book you purchase a designation for which non-profit the funds are earmarked. Companies like Invisible Children, Room to Read, The National Center for Family Literacy and more.

Better World Books also gives grants to help reduce poverty through education.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve made it easy with free shipping labels. You just have to box up your old books and send them on their way to a new home. And moms love it when companies make it easy for them.

So far they have donated 5,501,703 books, raised $10,407,405 for literacy and libraries and recycled/reused over 66,579,689 books.

You can follow them on twitter or facebook to keep up with their success.

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