The Children’s Place Little Do-Gooder Sweepstakes.
The Children’s Place Little Do-Gooder Sweepstakes.
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We teach our children to read, write and to tie their shoes. We teach them how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ But are parents teaching their little ones great lessons? Yes, they are. In fact, it begins with the birth of a child. For many moms, the birth of a child triggers a greater awareness and a desire to have an effect on the community and the world at large. And we are more apt to purchase products that support the community, give to causes and are made from recycled products. It’s not surprising as a mom, you become your child’s #1 role model.

The Children’s Place launched the Little Do-Gooder sweepstakes this week on Facebook. Moms and dads are asked to submit their stories how they are helping to teach their children about the things that make their home, the community and the world a better place. Over 180 stories were posted within an hour of the page going live.

Winning stories will be eligible for $500, $250 $100 or $25 gift cards.

Children’s Place is a client of Big Fuel. #sponsor


  1. Sarah Montague

    8 years ago

    Hi Holly,

    I’ve enjoyed your blog.

    This is a subject very close to my heart and my company’s mission. Is this a client of yours? Just wondering because our organization, Bright Horizions teaches social responsiblity as part of our early education curriculum and we do similar programs with parents to engage their children in good works that connect to the child’s passion. So, if a child likes animals, they might do a project that helps a local animal shelter. I wanted to let you know that we are actually doing a webinar with our partners at Volunteer Family on the subject “How to Raise A Socially Responsible Child” part 2. If you are interested listening in or interested in how many parents attended this webinar (last year we had over 2,000 and they were not just our family customers) let me know via email and I will send you the link. I won’t post it here as your blog system may see it as spam. Thanks much.


  2. Sarah Montague

    8 years ago


  3. Holly Pavlika

    8 years ago

    I’d love to talk to you more about this. Our contact info is on our website.

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