The Children’s Place live chat party rocked at about 200 posts per minute.
The Children’s Place live chat party rocked at about 200 posts per minute.
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In honor of their 1 million fans, Big Fuel and Mom-entum, helped The Children’s Place hold a live chat party last week and gave away $20,000 worth of Children’s Place gift card prizes to their extremely loyal and engaged fan base. Celebs Kelly Rutherford, La La and Denise Richard along with a select group of influential moms/dads from the Mom-entum community hosted the party: Dagmar Bleasdale-Dagmar’s Momsense. Adam Cohen-DadaRocks, Kelli Loubet-Everyday Childhood, Kelli Catana-KelliDaisy and Sugar Jones-Sugar In the Raw.

Do moms love Children’s Place? They sure do. They love them for the style, the long wear and the deals. Check out the word cloud and its’ clear The Children’s Place fans are in “love”. But stay tuned as the Children’s Place loves hosting parties and there will be more to come.

In the meantime, here’s a taste of the results.

Estimated Posts: 13,660
Posts/Minutes: Almost 200 posts per minute
Estimated Unique Authors: 10,108 Authors

Fan Growth:
Day of Party (7/26): 10,000+ fans
Week of Party (7/19 – 7/26): 19,000+ fans
– Average daily fan growth prior to the program was approximately 1,000 likes/day

Submissions to Win: 25,000+ by the morning of 7/26

Day of Party Millionth Fan Tab Views: 71,000+

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