The Today Show Jumps On Mommy Blogger Bandwagon With TodayMoms
The Today Show Jumps On Mommy Blogger Bandwagon With TodayMoms
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Today Show - Moms

More networks, publishers and platforms are being created daily to enhance the experience and give women and Moms the opportunity to connect, share stories and become publishers.  Walmart and other brands who get involved early can own a piece of the space by using these platforms to connect in social spaces with women.  With the large amount social networking specific websites, marketing to women where they live, on their terms will make a big difference and really help a brand gain trust and value with their target consumer.

As Mommy bloggers steadily grow in ranks, the segment is beginning to wield more influence in both the blogosphere and on the web as a whole. And it looks like NBC is waking up to the potential power of this audience. The media company is launching a web-based offshoot of the Today Show, called Unsurprisingly, the site is currently sponsored by Walmart.

The site will offer parenting news, advice and tips from the show, and wants to engages web-savvy mommies in engaging with the site. There will be a considerable amount of web-exclusive content, and NBC says that they want to create a mobile destination for the site, and perhaps in an iPhone app. It appears that the site will be partly a social network, as moms will be encouraged to create a profile, share photos and participate in the blog via comments and reviews.And the site features a large amount of video content, which is partly on-air segments from the Today show and original content.

The “mommy” audience is a growing segment of web-users that are steadily looking to the web for advice, support and to simple express themselves. We just wrote about the fast growth of Circle Of Moms, a social network for mothers, has seen in the past year. And more Moms are turning to the iPhone and other smartphones to organize and manage their lives. It’s smart for NBC to try and engage this audience in a meaningful way. TODAYMoms’s interface is simple and could use some sprucing up. And the site would be wise to add a few interactive tools for Moms to use as well.

by Leena Rao on October 12, 2009

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