Will parents and teens buy the “anti-green movement” from BillMyParents?
Will parents and teens buy the “anti-green movement” from BillMyParents?
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Moms love useful tools and the new “Bill MY Parents” pre-paid MasterCard looks like one moms will love. BillMyParents was one of the companies debuting at Blogher11 this year with their Anti-Green Movement/Go plastic campaign. The card takes the best of technology and puts it at a parent’s fingertips for tracking your teens purchases. There’s no activation fee, no overdraft fees and it’s accepted at millions of locations worldwide. I know my children think I’m a human ATM machine and I can’t seem to get them to realize how all those little purchases add up.

The interesting thing is they’ve approached this campaign from two different angles but with basically the same content. BillMyParents.com and PlasticIsGood.com are for the most part the same sites just with different graphics and more video content on PlasticIsGood. They also choose to only have the social sharing features on plasticisgood.com which I could see if it truly were an unbranded site. The two sites are linked–if you choose to look at information for teens, it pulls up the page from BillMyParents.

My daughter has a debit card I can reload but it doesn’t come with real time alerts to her spending and that would be very handy. I think the monthly recap could help her see just how all those little purchases add up. And of course, as a mom who watches her Facebook account, I like the fact I can lock and unlock her account if I need to. I can see moms liking a lot of these useful features.

Bill My Parents has some additional great features:
• Real time text alerts every time they spend money
• Lock or unlock their account using your phone or your computer
• Track not only the purchases, but their location.
• 24/7 account access online via computer or mobile app
• Easy to reload the card
• If grandparents, relatives or friends want to give money for special occasion

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  1. DaDa Rocks!

    8 years ago

    I like this concept of this idea but would really want a break down of the fees and the big problem I’d like to solve is making sure the card should work when its supposed too – sometimes I have issues with my debit card and thats legit.

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