YoCrunch Yogurt looks to connect with moms with their latest campaign.
YoCrunch Yogurt looks to connect with moms with their latest campaign.
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YoCrunch Yogurt has launched a new campaign aimed at moms. Sadly I think this one missed the mark. First the Facebook page is very light on content. And moms love great content.

They’ve tried to get Moms to tell all of their “mom tested ideas”, but there has been very little response. It might have worked better if there was an incentive. And other than this, the only other content on Facebook is four -$1.00 off coupons. Definitely going to be a challenge to get moms to come back to the page unless the content is upped.

The YoCrunch website has more interactivity starting with a Crunch Up game which I tried several times to play. But the game is impossibly fast. The lids pop a nano-second after you click to play. If the game had been more fun and possibly rewarding, I would have most likely shared it with some other moms. Moms love a good game. And what’s with the age gate? Is there alcohol in the yogurt? I guess they want to make sure adults are playing the game and not kids–but it’s just a game to guess which yogurt’s lid will pop first. I’m confused.

So forget the game, go on to learn more about joining the Crunch Bunch. Moms are joiners. There the site shares with you 3 videos and 4 photos of apparent Crunch Bunchers. Nowhere does it tell you why you should join and what you might expect to receive as a part of Crunch Bunch. Again with such a low response and a lack of rationale to become a member, it’s not particularly inspiring to join in the yogurt community.

But you can “like” or tweet any the products or articles on the site. It’s good to see that they do understand the importance of allowing moms to share their content. Maybe some time in the future, they will enable the site to allow moms to comment and endorse the products and flavors. 82% of mothers have purchased a product based on a recommendation on Facebook or Twitter. And after all, it’s great for getting moms to try products and works like no-cost research to see what people like.


  1. Barbara DeBisschop

    8 years ago

    Hello Holly and thanks so much for this post.  As YoCrunch works to develop our online outreach, getting feedback like this is so important and so appreciated.  Our content continues to develop and we will be sure to take your advice in posting what will truly be useful to our Mom’s.
    The YoCrunch website games are new, and our co-branding partners asked for the age gate but we understand your point that it can seem odd given the nature of the games and the YoCrunch brand.  We will evaluate that to see how we can make our future games more FUN. 
    Keeping our Mom’s as the focal point of our efforts, incentives for engagement, referrals and feedback are being formulized and you will soon see innovation towards deeper engagement on our on our site and Facebook page.
    We sincerely want our YoCrunch Mom’s to have consumer experience they can be enthusiastic about and we’ll work smarter to make that happen.  Thanks so much for sharing your insights .

  2. Holly Pavlika

    8 years ago

    You’re welcome. If you ever want to talk more about this, just let me know.

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