Why a Dutch Dad’s Time-Lapse Video of His Kids Went Viral
Why a Dutch Dad’s Time-Lapse Video of His Kids Went Viral
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Exactly. Why? When this was sent to me I thought, “so what?” But because I value the opinion of the person who sent it to me and, probably more importantly, have a daughter who just celebrated her 1st birthday, I chose to watch. Admittedly, I was a bit bored by it in the beginning. After all, this isn’t a child I know. But somewhere around the time Lotte turned 11 years old I could feel the tears welling and understood for myself what all the fuss was about.

I don’t think the power in this video is, as the article intimates, about time – its passing and preciousness. It’s about something even less tangible. It’s about becoming.

Interestingly enough, Lotte’s 9-year old brother’s video has not had the same viral effect. A 9-year old boy is still a child. A 12-year old girl is not. There is still innocence of course, but what Hofmeester (the Dad) so beautifully captured in these series of images of his daughter, that perhaps one could only capture in a series of images such as these, is that moment, that ephemeral, heart-breaking moment when childhood ceases to be and the newborn adult emerges.

Which brings us back to, “Why?” My musings on the matter:

  • Because while the subject matter of the video is specific, the power and emotional gut of it is universal. Like all good stories, it stimulates an awareness in ourselves that we then want to share with others so that they too can experience that awareness for themselves.
  • The filmmaker loved what he was shooting. It’s often over-looked but it really does matter – the passion of the filmmaker comes through. When someone loves the story they are telling, we the audience are more likely to love it too.

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