Pinterest Introduces Web Analytics for Brands
Pinterest Introduces Web Analytics for Brands
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PinterestThis week, Pinterest released very exciting news: the launch of web analytics for brands and bloggers, allowing them to track popular content. The best part, the tool is free and available immediately.

What it tracks:

  • Number of people that have pinned content from their website
  • Number of people who have visited their website from Pinterest
  • Number of Pinterest impressions their content has generated
  • Highlights of their most recent pins captured from your website
  • Content that’s been re-pinned and clicked on the most within Pinterest

Why it matters:

The new web analytics is imperative in helping brands and bloggers learn more about their audience providing a deeper look at what pinners like. You can find which pins get the most repins, who’s pinning them, and what similar content people are pinning alongside them. While both brands and bloggers were taking somewhat of a leap of faith, guessing what their audience liked, they can now use the data to tailor their website and Pinterest boards accordingly

How to use it:

To begin using Pinterest web analytics today, simply click Analytics in the top-right menu under your name. Don’t see it? Make sure you’ve verified your website and switched to the new look.

We want to hear how this new feature is affecting your Pinterest habbits. Share with us below!

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