Cool is cool.
Cool is cool.
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Apple has over 7MM Facebook fans without posting anything. Chanel is approaching 900K Twitter followers while barely saying a word. Why do some brands have a cult following? Why does it seem like everything Nike or Google does instantly becomes the day’s hot topic? Why do some brands have to spend millions in time and resources to enter the conversation space, whereas others seem to create conversation in their sleep? It’s because some companies have a history for innovation, fun and excitement, and their reputations will always precede them.

Social media is about people – what they think, want and feel. If and when a brand is known for being “cool,” that persona will always translate to social. The companies who make an effort to create trends and challenge our curiosity will see the highest organic return in all things social.

This post continues our series of posts from our “140 Club,” delivering social media insights in a bite-sized 140 words (or less)! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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