Emoji Hashtags: The Floodgates Are Open
Emoji Hashtags: The Floodgates Are Open
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Emotags, tagmojis, hashmojis, emojitags… None of these words quite do the phenomenon justice. The phenomenon being Instagram’s latest capability: hashtagging emojis.

Though the update was released just this Monday, the new indexes are being flooded with user content thanks to the natural mass appeal of emoji hashtags. Many of us are saying “it’s about time,” and we are taking full advantage of the new feature in unexpected ways.

Users have been tagging their posts with emojis for quite some time, but the tags were never indexable. Instagram saw this behavior and adapted its platform to their audience’s needs in a remarkable show of catering to the user experience. All the pre-update posts with hashtagged emojis are now indexable as well.

We’ve put together a guide to some of our favorite emojis, and the posts that we feel best embody the emotion behind the enigmatic icons.

A photo posted by @cleveland.cierra on

A photo posted by @teeniethingslove on

A photo posted by Lika Motta (@lika_motta) on

A photo posted by C H E F LEO (@leokim6530) on

And finally, one we were a little scared to search…

A photo posted by Mason Lay (@mason__lay) on

And that’s not even getting into emoji-string-hashtags. One thing is clear: there is a lot more fun to be had on the platform thanks to this new feature.

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