Facebook for iPad: Living up to the hype or just serving a need?
Facebook for iPad: Living up to the hype or just serving a need?
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Social media enthusiasts and tablet-lovers alike have been pining for the release of an official Facebook iPad app. Well, the days of waiting are over, as Facebook released its official app for the iPad this week.

The app presents hi-res photos, easy navigation tools, the ability to view notifications and engage with friends, play games and send messages.

Visit www.facebook.com/mobile/ipad to download the app.

Initial Thoughts

Browsing: The app provides a seamless Facebook experience that makes it easy to browse, share and post items as if using the traditional Facebook website on your computer.

Places: The Places feature and tab gives a large, hi-res map complete with icon-size profile pictures so you can visualize where your friends are in relation to where your GPS has you checked-in. The experience is positive, and the function is easy to use.

Photos: The picture display is clear and high quality, and in this user’s opinion, more enjoyable than on the traditional website.

Chat: The “buddy list” on the right hand side of the app display is similar to that of the updated Facebook newsfeed and allows the user to continue to browse the newsfeed while chatting with friends. A total positive!

Additional Thoughts: The experience of checking notifications, exploring groups and interacting with events is also really well done on the app.

There are no major complaints about the app, as I’m sure that the Facebook team will continue to integrate new features like timeline into the app as it evolves and updates. All in all, a very positive experience for all levels of Facebook usage.

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  1. Don

    8 years ago

    Not bad …but they are too late, in my opinion. Since I’ve installed Flipboard’s app on my iPad, it’s all I use for Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Kenny

    8 years ago

    Hey Don-

    Thanks for the comment.

    Flipboard is great when browsing what your friends have posted on their Twitter/Facebook feeds, so I imagine it is an app that people will continue to use in the future, as it is easy to navigate and really well designed.

    Some of the other features on the Facebook app really let the user enjoy other aspects of the Facebook experience. The places and chat functionality, are especially well done.

    I think that Facebook took their time with this release so that they could hit it out of the park on the first shot. Also, the release was pretty well timed with the upgraded OS for Apple products allowing an even better user experience.

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