Big Fuel is a Finalist in the Mashable Awards!
Big Fuel is a Finalist in the Mashable Awards!
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It’s been quite a year for Big Fuel.

We’ve accomplished some amazing things over the past year. We’ve reached major social media milestones on behalf of our clients. We’ve welcomed a new CEO and moved into a spacious new office. We’ve traveled the country, and the world, speaking at conferences and connecting with all of you – and we couldn’t be more grateful to have such an amazing community.

Every day, we engage in thoughtful conversations with you on Twitter, Facebook, and right here on our blog. We work together, we party together. And together, we got Big Fuel into the final voting round of the Mashable Awards.

We have great respect and admiration for Mashable – after all, they’re the leading authorities on all things social media. Social media is everything to us here at Big Fuel; we live and breathe it both personally and professionally.

Whether it’s organizing a happy hour on Foursquare, or posting motivational content on our internal Tumblr, social media touches everything we do. Outside of work, we’re avid bloggers, vloggers, and content creators.

That’s why we’d love, more than anything, your support in helping us win the Mashable Award for Digital Company of the Year.

You can vote once per day for Big Fuel in the Digital Company of the Year category. If you feel like spreading some extra love, you can also vote for our founder Avi Savar in the Must-Follow Business Personality on Social Media category. The Awards winners will be announced on Mashable on Dec. 19th.

Your vote speaks volumes about the importance of social media in this industry, and we can’t thank you enough for it!

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