CES ’15 Tuesday take for Brands, Agencies & Marketers
CES ’15 Tuesday take for Brands, Agencies & Marketers
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We are in the midst of CES ’15 and swamped with driverless smart cars, curved 4K TV’s, bendable phones, wearables, cameras and drones.

According to CES, 20,000 new products will be announced during the conference and identifying those that matter to marketers will be no easy task.

Below are 3 product categories in the news today that Big Fuel believes are worth taking note of:

1.) Cameras. Phone cameras radically enhanced a marketer’s digital and social strategy. We doubt the CES announced face-recognition cameras or 4k recorders will have the same affect but the new Narrative clip, an always-on body camera, could create an entire new breed of user-generated content. Catch the full video here.

 2.) Robots: that is, personal robots. Any new screen has the potential to become an advertiser’s playground. Robotbase claims to be the world’s first personal robot powered by artificial intelligence. Facebook knows you, but a personal robot will really know you, and serve the right content (advertising) at exactly the right moment. You can watch Robotbase in action here.

3.) Wearables, wearables everywhere. Even more hype than in 2014! To name a few, Garmin launched the Vivoactive smartwatch, Sony the SmartWatch 3, and Misfit debut a Swarovski Shine collection featuring crystal jewelry and solar charging. Add to that, Fitbit announced it is now shipping the new Surge Smartwatch. By the time we get to the launch of the Apple Watch in March we might be over the Smartwatch!

Smart wearables will mean a new era, allowing consumers to interact with different apps and content and on a smaller screen. It could lead to less time spent on mobile, and more time on the smart wearable. This means brands, agencies and marketers will need to reach consumers on their wrists! We have yet to see how social will be incorporated into these devices, but expect a flurry of startups and social platform enhancements that enable and optimize wearable devices coming soon.

More to come tomorrow.

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