Facebook Officially Activates The Searchable Hashtag
Facebook Officially Activates The Searchable Hashtag
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Last week, Facebook announced that it would officially activate hashtags, which have typically been associated with Twitter, on their social networking site.

On Twitter, hashtags are used to search for common topics which Facebook has essentially emulated. Any phrase which has a # symbol before it (example: #bigfuel) will become clickable and will link you to other users who have used that hashtag, regardless of whether you are friends or not.

Before this announcement, some Facebook users had already been using hashtags even though there was no actual functionality associated with them. This new move will help people easily discover what others are saying about a specific topic and participate in those trending conversations, with friends as well as the larger social universe.

Just hope your friends do not #overuse #hashtags #on #their #newsfeeds!


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