Web Buzzes Over Twitter’s New Look; Hardly Notices Klout’s Major Update
Web Buzzes Over Twitter’s New Look; Hardly Notices Klout’s Major Update
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For most of us, it was a morning like any other morning: drop the attaché case, grab a cup of joe, settle into the executive chair, switch on the Macbook. Yet, this morning, something felt different. Something had changed.

Those of us who automatically navigate to our social profiles first thing in the morning already knew the big news: Twitter had a fancy new look. From what I can gather, response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Your new profile page now has a flashy header image, 1252 x 626 px in size, that is similar to Facebook’s timeline image. Your avatar, instead of appearing in the top left corner, is now centered within the header image. Your profile description is also contained within the header image. Since the text is in white, make sure to account for contrast between the text and the bottom half of your header image when considering a design.

With mobile being a major focus for many social media platforms, it’s worth noting that Twitter’s new design is a major upgrade to its mobile interface.

With all the excitement around Twitter’s new design, I don’t know what it was that made me check my Klout page, which I admittedly haven’t visited in maybe a month or so. But a surprise awaited me there as well – in the form of a bigger, bolder profile, and a “Your Moments” newsfeed.

While Klout’s old interface resembled a dashboard, Klout’s new look is more akin to a profile. The Your Moments feed displays your most influential posts across any connected channels from the past 90 days. You can sort feed items by all, public, or even by channel. Your influencers also get more real estate, with avatars that are comparable in size on the left-hand side. The Klout landing page displays all your social interactions from the past 90 days, which includes posts you were mentioned in, retweeted, or replied to.

What do you guys think of Twitter and Klout’s big changes? Leave me a comment below, or tweet at me: @kimberlyanner 

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