Key Learnings in Online Video Viewing
Key Learnings in Online Video Viewing
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Eyeblaster’s “Global Benchmark Report 2009” claimed that size mattered less than creative for online video ad success. But data from PointRoll and Accustream iMedia Research shows formats and sizes do have an effect on completion rates.

Untethered videos performed best. In addition, large horizontal formats and small rectangles performed very well. PointRoll’s “Online Video Advertising 2009” report notes that, in line with Eyeblaster’s findings, bigger is not simply better. Formats are often a proxy for types of ad placement.


For example, small rectangles are used on instant messaging sites and are nested within chat windows.

“Video size and achieving campaign goals is in large measure a function of how contextual the format is to the user experience,” according to the report.

Publishing channel forms another important part of ad context. PointRoll and Accustream found that online video ads did best across several metrics when they appeared on game, music and streaming media, and child- and family-oriented sites. Ads on auVideo Viewing, in Contexttomotive, business and finance, and employment destinations did worst.


Video ads measured by Eyeblaster, on the other hand, saw the highest interaction when placed next to e-mail, news, finance, sports and music, but fell behind in social network and gaming environments.


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    Just read through this and found it both helpful and encouraging as I move forward on a long overdue online video project. So much good info throughout the site I’m adding Big Fuel to the bookmark bar. (Cool logo, as well)

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