Research Report: Opportunities In Online Video
Research Report: Opportunities In Online Video
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The mantra from networks has long been that online entertainment will never replace the experience of watching TV in the living room, but is this accurate? Short form video is now being viewed by 43% of internet users at least once a week and it’s perceived as being equally or more entertaining than television by 37% of the online public, according to a new research report from Frank N. Magid Associates, sponsored by video entertainment portal Metacafe. Seven in ten of males 18-24, the power users of the genre to be sure, view online video weekly. Consumer-created and uploaded clips are still the most popular particularly among young males, accounting for 42% of videos viewed among males 12-17. Yet people of all ages and both genders are watching short professional videos online – ranging from males 25-34, where 64% of this group is watching such content, to females 55-64, 39% of whom view it. Other interesting findings include:

  • Over half of TV viewers go online while watching TV; 13% report dong so “all the time”
  • 70% of weekly online video viewers play video games regularly, compared to 47% of non-online video viewers
  • 41% own a personal digital media player for music and video vs. 23% of non viewers
  • 28% rent DVDs weekly (vs. 17%)
  • 11% own a smartphone, compared to 7% of non-online video viewers

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  1. Johnson Hor

    10 years ago

    digital media has already replaced the tube in the living room. as folks stream vids on set top boxes from their cable, sat, dsl providers or with something like mobitv on mobiles. We watch tv still but in the comfort of our kitchen vs. living room – grab some grub, watch dvr/on demand/dvd, then go. There will still be late adopters as evident with the delay of the analog switch to digital who will be forced somewhat to partake in digital and online vids of some form or another. Opportunity in re to revenue for online video to capture a captive audience is more prevalent than ever especially from a long tail view, take Qik which was funded by several early stage VCs.. for its capability to stream from phone.. there are still opportunities out their..

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