Music City, In Real Time
Music City, In Real Time
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Last month at the Indianapolis 500, Firestone Tires launched a summer-long social campaign called Destination Country, a cross-country journey to document, detail, and share the 2015 summer of country music.

Naturally, you can’t have a campaign with a focus on country music, and not make a stop in Nashville, TN—Music City, USA. Luckily, Firestone is a major sponsor of the CMA Festival, a weeklong country music festival featuring all of the genre’s most notable acts. So, last weekend, our team shipped off to Nashville to capture the event in real-time, giving the Firestone audience a lens through which they could experience a weekend at the largest country music festival in the country.

CMA Fest was a weekend of nonstop action—by 10 AM, every honky tonk on Nashville’s historic Broadway Street has live music echoing out its doors. The party doesn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning when tens of thousands of concertgoers are crossing the footbridge outside of LP Field, where the headline acts have strummed their final chord.

It took a whole team on the ground to capture the sheer magnitude of an event like this: a creative team to shoot, edit, and write, community managers to post and connect with fellow concertgoers, and an account team to plan and strategize the whole operation. We captured and shared everything—performances, historic locales, Americana, and the lifestyle of the country music fan.

The final product was some really great content that gave an honest feel of what four sweltering hot days in country music’s most famous city and music festival would feel like. The Firestone audience got a real-time taste for the places they would see, the people they would meet, and the experiences they would have, all from the comfort of their air-conditioned home. Check out some of the action the team captured on behalf of the Firestone Tires Instagram account.





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