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Twitter charges roughly a bagillion dollars for a sponsored trend, so it makes sense that so many brands try to promote hashtags through other broadcast spots or Facebook campaigns. What doesn’t make sense is the content they’re often promoting – I feel like most companies should stop and ask themselves “would anyone ever actually tweet this?” If your brand name is part of the hashtag, the answer is no.

Take a page out of Nike’s book, and promote a trend that’s represents your brand, but still creates an authentic, engaging experience, like #FindGreatness or #GameOnWorld. Social media is about people, not products. Consumers won’t go out of their way to serve as your advertising mediums, and if you can’t think of a simple phrase that gets people excited about what your product/service delivers, perhaps you need a strategy overhaul.

This post continues our series of posts from our “140 Club,” delivering social media insights in a bite-sized 140 words (or less)! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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