The Break-Up Letter Makes Finals at Shorty Awards
The Break-Up Letter Makes Finals at Shorty Awards
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Modesty isn’t our strong suit here at Big Fuel. Let’s face it, in social media there’s no such thing as modesty: it’s all about self-promotion. So when the Shorty Awards opened their submissions we felt like it was time to toot our own horn and show off one of our proudest achievements: The Break-Up Letter.


In 2013 T-mobile recognized that people using other mobile service providers were getting frustrated. They wanted to switch to T-mobile, but felt trapped by their existing contracts. In order to help these customers break-up with their current provider, T-mobile offered to buy them out of their existing contracts if they switched to the Uncarrier—a bold move in the world of telecommunications.

T-mobile asked Big Fuel to create an equally bold campaign that would spread the word about this new initiative in a fun and social way. Our answer was The Break-Up Letter.

The Break-Up Letter was a Facebook application in which users answered a few questions about why it was time to end their relationship with their current mobile phone service. The questions were derived from real conversations people were having on social. The end result was a custom letter based on their answers, presented in T-mobile’s irreverent style. This Mad Lib type content was inherently shareable, similar to a Buzz Feed quiz, causing the campaign to be spread around the Internet like jam on toast.

TMO SLide.001

In the end, the campaign generated over 113K letters, 2.7MM+ application views, and more than 67MM+ social impressions. T-mobile employees became campaign advocates by printing out Break-Up Letters for customers in their retail stores, creating a physical-digital integration centered around the hashtag #breakupletter. T-mobiles CEO even got in on the fun, personally welcoming the new customers via Twitter.

In the spirit of unmodesty: the campaign was a smashing success.

So yes, we felt like this fine piece of work deserved to win the Shorty Awards Consumer Brand category—and it got second place! Pretty refrigerator door worthy if you ask us.

Want to see more? You can check out the submission, as well as the rest of the shorty awards here.

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