This Week in Social, #ICYMI: 3/13/15
This Week in Social, #ICYMI: 3/13/15
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Okay, before we get into the real news, let’s take a moment to consider the Catstacam in all its glory. Bask folks, bask.

This week in social we had some serious business. Tumblr shared the first results from its in-house influencer activation program; the world of tech was like, “Meerkat, what’s that?”; and Facebook finally let marketers have access to social listening data. Welcome to the rundown, just #ICYMI.


Tumblr’s Creatrs Network Shares Its First Marketing Results

  • People who engaged with a promoted post on Tumblr were 10% more aware of the movie compared with a control group
  • Users who engaged with earned media from the Ouija campaign were 19% more aware of the movie
  • People engaging with paid placements on Tumblr were 9% more likely to see the movie but those who engaged with earned media were 54% more likely to see the movie.


Earned media #FTW, again…

Tumblr has recognized the value of its community of influencers, and is taking the proper steps to make money off of them–because why let a third party agency get that action when it’s so close to home? Clearly it’s working too: the paid media wasn’t nearly as effective as the earned. All in all, the Ouija campaign generated 625,000 total engagements. To put that in perspective, in the days around the movie’s premiere, it received 1.16 million Likes on Facebook, a much larger platform.

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What Brands and Publishers Need to Know About Meerkat

  • With the touch of a button, someone can start live-streaming from their smartphone to all of their Twitter (and Meerkat) followers
  • Meerkat’s true potential will be realized once there is another breaking-news event as significant as the protests that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, this past summer
  • Meerkat has no plans to push its video out through Facebook despite it being the world’s largest social network and Facebook’s current focus on video

These new social platforms pop up like whack-a-mole…

And go away as fast–but this one might have some real value. It’s similar to another social sweetheart: Snapchat. No plans for making money, no permanent content, and no curation…seems very similar actually. Early adopters include Starbucks and JC Penny, and we all know Starbucks is social savvy. This could be a big one folks.

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Facebook Finally Lets Its Firehose Be Tapped For Marketing Insights Thanks To DataSift

  • Facebook launched a new insights product called “Topic Data” which shows marketers what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities
  • Marketers can’t instantly turn a query’s results into ad targeting, but can set their ads to appear to people in similar demographics
  • Facebook hopes brands will discover things people want that they don’t make yet, and move to develop these new products



The walls have ears…

And they want to sell you stuff. Facebook has trailed behind Twitter in topics data for a while now, and everyone with their hands on the Twitter firehose is super excited about the change in policy. Unlike Twitter’s topic data, these new measures will maintain the poster’s anonymity, so it can’t be used for social monitoring. However, as a tool for measuring the optimal time to push certain ads it is a great asset to marketers.

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