This Week in Social, #ICYMI: 3/6/15
This Week in Social, #ICYMI: 3/6/15
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This week was perhaps the most monumentous week for social media thus far in 2015. A dress ended friendships and renewed the public’s interest in science, Instagram released an exciting new ad feature, and Twitter has dialed in their crosshairs with a better targeting platform.

And yes, we did invent the word “monumentous” just for this occasion.

#TheDress: 73M Views, More Than 483K Notes on Tumblr 

  • According to Facebook Data Scientists, 58% of people who posted about the dress said white/gold, 42% were in the black/blue camp
  • As the night went on and more people knew the truth, people gravitated—at least publicly—towards the winning team
  • Men are significantly more likely to see the dress as black/blue; so are younger people, and people on a desktop instead of a phone
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Well, that escalated quickly… 

Seriously, at the time of this post Buzzfeed had published 31 articles about it. Over 5000 people have sent mail to the original blogger, and the post had 140,000 page views per minute between 10:30 pm and 11:30 pm on Friday. The garment has been tweeted about over 7.2 million times, and about 17000 tweets a minute during the peak. What made this tricksy garment so viral!? The answer is a mix of conflict, weirdness, and interest. It’s hard to carry on a conversation with somebody who agrees with you on everything, and for that reason this dress was a great conversation starter. People get passionate about defending their reality.

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Instagram Starts Letting Ads Be Clickable 

  • Instagram will start showing clickable links, but only in its new multi-photo carousel ads that can tell a story by letting you swipe through four branded images in sequence
  • The new “Learn More” button that houses these links will open a URL in an internal browser within Instagram that allows you to quickly jump back to the feed with a tap of the top bar
  • For now, these ads will just include photos, but Instagram is considering whether to allow videos in carousels too

Swiping is the biggest trend in social… 

This development increases the usefulness of Instagram ads in multiple ways. For one, it makes their ad platform work for a variety of new companies. It also provides the another content-to-commerce link option, where once the lowly profile link was a brand’s only option. Now Instagram’s advertisers will know not only if someone saw, liked, or commented on their ad, but also if people swiped through multiple photos and clicked through to their site. That sort of measurement ability gives brands and agencies the confidence they need to spend the ad dollars the platform desires.

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Twitter Follows Facebook, Adds Purchase-Based Targeting 

  • The system will let brands target ads on Twitter based on past user purchases or demographic data
  • Through Twitter’s ad campaign system, advertisers can choose from more than 1,000 audience categories based on Acxiom and Datalogix segments
  • Twitter users can opt-out from the program by unchecking a box in their privacy settings

People who bought Twitter ads also bought… 

Facebook ads. 2 years ago, Facebook launched a similar program with the same partners. Twitter is constantly playing catch up with the other social giant, instead of differentiating its product. Only time will tell if that pattern is sustainable, but for now advertisers should be happy about having more targeting options.

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