This Week in Social, #ICYMI: 4/17/15
This Week in Social, #ICYMI: 4/17/15
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LinkedIn Raises Its Game In Social Media With Elevate, An App To Suggest And Share Stories
  • Elevate is a paid app that suggests articles to its users based on algorithms from its news recommendation services and “human curation,” and then lets users schedule and share those links across LinkedIn and Twitter
  • You can think of Elevate as LinkedIn’s version of the Daily app from Buffer
  • LinkedIn says that for each 6 pieces of content that are shared by an individual, on average, that individual receives 6 profile views and makes 2 new connections
Cheer up Buffer, at least you’re free.
LinkedIn is upping its B2B app game, making life easier for the plugged-in professional–although they intend for this tool to be used by the businesses on the platform. LinkedIn says that when an employee shares content, on average its employer results in six job views, three Company Page views, and one Company Page follower. They want the value here to be employers suggesting great content for their employees to share because only about 2% of a company’s employees share their company’s news on LinkedIn, but collectively those employees will have ten times as many connections.
Twitter Reportedly Telling Celebs to Ditch Meerkat for Periscope
  • Keen to ensure Periscope beats out its rival, Twitter has reportedly started directly contacting high-profile Meerkat users to persuade them to switch to Periscope
  • The sources even claim that Twitter has told the companies that if they don’t ditch Meerkat in favor of Periscope, it could have a negative impact on their use of Amplify
  • If true, this seems like a somewhat risky maneuver by Twitter, as it could ultimately cost it in ad dollars if the targeted media outlets feel they’re being harangued by the microblogging company
A bully is always a small, scared child on the inside…
Clearly Twitter still sees Meerkat as a threat. This is a new round of trying to shut Meerkat down, and it just got personal. The question I am asking myself is: why would they focus resources attacking this company instead of just making their product better? People are ultimately just going to choose the platform with the best experience, this seems like an underhanded and cheap way to ensure market dominance.
HBO’s Not Happy About Periscope Users Livestreaming Game of Thrones
  • So concerned is HBO about what it sees as blatant copyright infringement that the cable company has started sending takedown notices to Periscope
  • The very nature of Periscope means the startup has its work cut out to prevent copyright infringement
  • It could also employ technology similar to that being used by YouTube, which in many cases can spot copyrighted content right after it’s been uploaded to the site
<Insert your favorite GIF based on a line from a movie>
OH WAIT YOU CAN’T–that’s copyright infringement. Obviously GoT isn’t suing everyone who uploads a meme of John Snow, but they do take their content very seriously if they think people are getting away with watching it for free. Periscope is also dealing with a “softcore porn” problem right now. Throw the two together and you would think that Periscope is a platform for pirated TV and porn, which I would imagine is not what they envision nor what brands want. They will need to find a quick and easy solution to these issues, otherwise they will snowball into a huge nightmare.
The Force is With These New Star Wars Emoji for Twitter
  • Twitter has teamed up with Disney and Lucasfilm to create some special Star Wars emoji
  • Three new emoji-like icons, which are custom to and Twitter’s official apps, will appear when users use various Star Wars-related hashtags: #C3P0, #Stormtrooper and #BB8
  • These are not officially included in the emoji specification as designated by Unicode. That’s why they only work on and in the official Twitter mobile apps
<Insert your favorite line from Star Wars>
Keyboards and stickers are quickly becoming the next big thing in marketing. Why? Because they’re fun! People love using emoji to communicate, and if brands make ones people want to use they can get great results. This “Twitter only” limitation is a little discouraging, not to mention the hashtag being necessary for the emoji to appear, but I see this as a baby step into a new way to market on mobile.
More Marketers Seek Automation For Digital Campaigns—But Not for Social
  • Only the top 15% of top marketers are currently using automation software, but some believe marketing automation will be big this year
  • 74% wanted better contact management, 55% wanted email marketing, and 43% want lead tracking
  • Only 4% of marketers want new software for social media automation
Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do…
We all know the dangers of automation, especially when dealing with customers. Social is supposed to be a person to person connection, so automated replies and messaging can be destructive for a brand’s presence. However, automated solutions make sense for email marketing, lead generation, and contact management. Understanding how to integrate the automated with the manual processes in digital marketing will be a big priority for marketers moving forward.

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