This Week in Social, #ICYMI 7/11/15
This Week in Social, #ICYMI 7/11/15
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Instagram adds a 1080-pixel resolution option, Facebook now offers the ability to “detach” videos and Tinder is making it possible to match with a verified celebrity. Read on to find out why your news feed is having the best week ever.

Facebook Introduces New “Floating” Video Player, Continues Push on Video Content

Facebook’s march towards online video dominance continues, with another new feature added into the mix to get users viewing more video content. This week, Facebook is testing a new video player option where users can detach a video from the News Feed and move it to your preferred viewing location within the browser window:

  • It means you can click play and let it run while you go on about your regular News Feed activity – good for those “wait for it…” type videos where you waste all those precious seconds lingering for that punchline moment, seconds that could have been used liking witty comments and pictures of your friends’ pets.
  • The option is built into the video player – if you press the “small box inside a bigger box” icon in the lower right corner, your video will detach, enabling you to drag it around on-screen.
  • Basic player functionality remains in the floating video window, including play/pause, Like/share and the option to shut it down.
  • The video will keep playing till you switch pages by clicking onto another post or option within Facebook, or leaving Facebook entirely.
  • The feature is currently only available on the desktop version, though as noted, this is only in test, not the final variation you can expect for this option.
  • After introducing autoplay video into the News Feed, Facebook announced in April that it’s now serving 4 billion video views, per day, to users, rivaling YouTube for overall video consumption.

It’s clear that Facebook sees this as a way to stay ahead of the game and increase it’s hold on both advertising dollars and audience attention. The “floating player” is just another step towards innovating and improving the Facebook video experience.…

-Social Media Today


Your Instagram Pics Are About To Look A Whole Lot Better With 1080-Pixel Resolution

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app owned by Facebook, is about to get a much-needed makeover to its images. The app previously only allowed users to upload and view photos at 640 x 640-pixel resolution, but Instagram says it will soon let users upload pictures in a higher resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels.

  • Users can see if their own pictures are in the new high-res format by using a desktop browser like Chrome to open up an Instagram photo page’s source code, and search for “.jpg.” The first result should show the larger version of the picture; just copy the link into a new browser window to view the larger-size image, if it’s 1080 (you can tell if there is a magnifying glass option to enlarge the photo).
  • Instagram told the Verge that it started “gradually rolling out 1080 across iOS andAndroid” just last week, so most users are already seeing the higher-resolution images within the mobile app.
  • With the new format, users will be able to post much higher-resolution images to the photo-sharing app.

Get that new resolution to work! – Digital Trends


Tinder Rolls Out Verified Profiles For Celebrities, Athletes Or Otherwise Famous Folks

Tinder, the dating app owned by IAC, has just rolled out verified profiles for celebrities and other notable figures. Just as you see on Twitter, verified users will be marked with a little blue check mark by their name.

  • Rumors have been swirling the past few months that various celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Hilary Duff, had started using the dating platform.
  • At TechCrunch Disrupt NY in May, cofounder and President Sean Rad wouldn’t comment on whether or not those rumors are true. But based on today’s rollout, it would appear that there are at least a few big names swiping left and right out there.
  • Tinder also revealed that the app is seeing 26 million matches per day.

When working with notable figures in social media campaigns involving Tinder, definitely think about verifying them through Tinder first. – TechCrunch


Prioritize Your Facebook Feed:

  • Facebook now allows you to personalize your newsfeed, choosing friends and pages you want to see updates from first. And yes, it’s available on both desktop and iOS
  • This update can actually be really good for marketers, as fans who have opted to see your page updates first are likely to be more interested in engaging with your posts
  • The option to designate a page as one you’d like to ‘See First’ is also now featured on brand/person home pages, within the ‘Following’ drop down menu
  • An important thing to note is the difference between following and liking a page, fans can unfollow a page from within this tab but will still need to go to the brand’s page to unlike it. However, while a user may choose to unfollow instead of unlike the page (thus keeping that person as a fan) you’ll potentially receive less engagement as they’ll no longer see your posts without going directly to your page
  • Much like brands did when Gmail changed it’s algorithm, I fully expect to see brands pushing fans to prioritize their pages soon. – TechCrunch


Instagram Ads Update: 

  • Throughout the year Instagram ads having been maturing, becoming more marketer-friendly and on-par with Facebook ads
  • They’ve already introduced carousel ads, which were the only ads able to link out to another page
  • As advertisers continued to express to Instagram that clicks are more important than views, they’ve rolled out clickable links on single-photo ads
  • Clickable links are still not available on normal (unpaid) posts nor are they available on video ads…yet
  • By end of year marketers should have the ability to run Instagram ads in the way Facebook ads are set up – online and without the need to get on the phone with an IG sales rep
  • The ability to purchase products from IG ads within the app (instead of linking out) is surely coming soon, or so I’d hope – Ad Age


And because emojis are the only way to reach millennials… 

Chevy released it’s latest press release completely in emojis to reach/appeal to the younger audience. Can you decipher it? – Chevy