This Week in Social, #ICYMI 7/17/15
This Week in Social, #ICYMI 7/17/15
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Snapchat gives its content partners first billing, Facebook took a page out of YouTube’s book, and Twitter graduated to clickable cards. This week in social, in case you missed it.

Twitter Says Bye, Bye, Bye to URLs

Because Twitter wants to be just like Facebook, it’s getting rid of URLs on mobile opting instead to display a clickable card with more info included in the tweet. These posts will look very similar to Facebook Stories.

  • The change makes the feed more user-friendly and engaging as it pulls in images from included links
  • Though the URL is taken out of the post, it doesn’t seem to give back any characters (bummer)
  • Tracking clicks should not be affected by the change
  • No word yet on how URLs will be displayed on desktop, so for the moment this is only available on iOS and Android

Takeaway: With the success of rich pins and Facebook stories having successfully driven engagement, it’s in your best interest to test the impact the Twitter update will have on engagement via mobile. Read more at TechCrunch

See it First, Watch it Later

Facebook has begun testing a ‘Watch later’ button on videos on desktop to encourage further video consumption and bring the platform closer to being on par with YouTube.

  • Videos on Facebook continue to expand with 4 billion daily video views as of last quarter
  • The ‘Watch Later’ button now appears over a video on the top-right corner when you roll your mouse over the video or scroll past a video on your newsfeed
  • YouTube already features a ‘Watch Later’ button on it’s videos, which is available on desktop and mobile, unlike the Facebook button
  • The Facebook update goes a step farther than the ‘Save’ feature it introduced about a year ago, where you needed to proactively look to save a post rather than be prompted to do so

Takeaway: The push to save videos for later consumption would encourage users to stay on the platform longer, engage with brands longer and potentially lengthen the ‘life’ of your videos on the platform. Read more at TechCrunch

Crimson Hexagon + Tumblr = Social Image Monitoring

The social tool has joined the list of ‘preferred data partners’ Tumblr works with to track instances of brands (text, logos, etc.) featured in images.

  • The move comes in an attempt to understand consumer sentiment and how their imagery reflects that
  • With Tumblr posts mostly consisting of images with little to no text included, being able to monitor these brand interactions is crucial to fully understanding how fans are interacting with a brand
  • The list of data partners also includes Spredfast Intelligence, Union Metrics and Curalate
  • Crimson has already used Tumblr data for several of it’s brands

Takeaway: Big Fuel already utilizes Crimson Hexagon, so we will be digging into visual social monitoring on a deeper level for our clients that currently have Tumblr pages. Read more at AdAge

Snapchat update puts news before stories from your friends

In the update, which rolled out to the iOS app on Monday July 13th, the company redesigned the stories section of its app to emphasize content from its media partners.

  • The stories screen of Snapchat now prioritizes discover and live stories over the ones from your contacts.
  • Stories from the app’s discover section, which come from the company’s media partners like ESPN, Yahoo and Comedy Central, appear at the top of the list, with stories from live events underneath.
  • While this update may seem minor, it highlights the company’s ongoing effort to increase engagement with the app’s discover content.
  • Previous reports suggested publishers were seeing declining engagement from discover, despite initial interest. Surfacing that content in more areas of the app could certainly help boost user interest and ad revenue.
  • Snapchat introduced its first standalone ads in October and ads from live stories have reportedly been raking in some serious cash.

Takeaway: If SnapChat is where you want to be and you don’t have an audience yet, placing an ad within the stories of their Discover partners is a great way to get in. Read more at Mashable

Meerkat’s Cameo Allows Users to Take Over Streams

Last Wednesday live streaming app Meerkat released what might just be its biggest update yet with features that allow users to invite others into their stream, dubbed Cameo.

  • The genesis behind Meerkat (and similar apps such as Twitter’s Periscope) is to allow users to easily stream their video feed with a broader audience in real-time.
  • With Cameo, Meerkat is turning that idea on its head. Instead of just letting users stream what they see to others, Meerkat is also going to let users invite their viewers to “take over” their live streams for 60 seconds at a time.
  • “We want to evolve the experience from a ‘broadcasting to’ to ‘broadcasting with’ experience,” Ben Rubin, Meerkat’s founder and CEO told Mashable
  • How it works:
  •    Tap on a viewer’s profile and invite them to cameo into your stream. Alternatively, comment “Cameo @username”.
  •    Once accepted, for up to sixty seconds the viewer takes over the stream
  •    Both people can end the cameo at any time, at which point the video returns to the broadcaster who started the stream
  • To kick off the launch, Meerkat is partnering with The Weather Channel, TMZ, Fox, The CW, MasterCard and Champion League Sports. It’s also working with its community to have a broader #CameoParty of sorts on launch day.

Takeaway: This seems to be a great way to engage with an audience in real-time and get them more intimately involved in the action.  Imagine a Meerkat live chat with an influencer with your audience members asking the questions themselves?  It’s like passing the mic at a town hall event. Read more at Mashable

Meerkat Introduces Meerkat Library

One of the biggest user requests from Meerkat has been a way for users to save their streams to watch later.

  • Meerkat is rolling out its new Meerkat Library feature as a beta to its user base. Now when you finish a broadcast, you can choose to save it to your personal library. By default, any stream you save will be private and viewable only to you.
  • This is a great feature and something users will really appreciate. The ephemeral nature of live streaming services is great but sometimes it is nice to have a record of what happened. Especially with the new Cameo feature.

Takeaway: Meerkat and Periscope are still trying to balance the nature of ephemeral and long-lasting content. This might be a good way to allow creators to share videos on other channels after a session is over. Read more at Mashable

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