This Week in Social, #ICYMI 7/24/15
This Week in Social, #ICYMI 7/24/15
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A field guide for the latest in Facebook marketing, and a few things about Twitter too.  

Twitter Makes it Easier for Advertisers to Target Live Event Discussion with New Insights

Real-time coverage remains the micro-blog network’s key differentiator, and key advantage against other social media sites, and now Twitter’s looking to further capitalize on this, providing new tools to help advertisers target and reach audiences engaged in live events.

  • Twitter has launched a new Event Targeting option in the Twitter Ads dashboard.
  • “With event targeting, you can activate around live moments, quickly and easily. We’ll help you discover and plan for these moments, learn more about the participating audiences through valuable insights, and with one click, create a campaign that delivers the right message to just the right users as the event unfolds.”
  • The first step in the event targeting process is to locate the event you want to target based on a Twitter-generated calendar of major global events.
  • You can filter the listings by date, event type and location to help better hone in on the conversations most relevant to your brand.
  • Once you’ve found which event you’d like to target, you can click-through for more specific insights, based on the Twitter conversation arou
    nd that event from the previous year.
  • These insights include total reach of the Twitter conversation, genders of those involved in the discussion, and the devices on which the interactions predominantly occurred, all enabling more specific focus of your messaging and ad presentation.
  • Clicking on “View More Details” takes you to a listing of more specific info on exactly which tweets performed best in relation to that event on Twitter previously, which is great for getting an idea of what Twitter users are interested in and what messaging resonates best.
  • The new option will also make the process of event targeting much easier by enabling advertisers to utilize Twitter’s event targeting algorithms, rather than trying to jump onto a trending hashtag alone.
  • Many marketing opportunities had been lost previously because brands were reliant on their own research, identifying hashtags and keywords themselves – “the tendency would probably be to pick the most popular ones, and they might have missed out on a bunch of other ones coming up around the event.”

Takeaway: A HUGE announcement from Twitter allowing brands to easily participate more fully in the major events happening across the globe in one place.

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Facebook Will Let You Buy Products From Retailers’ Pages

You’ll soon be able to buy a lot more stuff on Facebook.

  • The social network is testing a shopping experience that allows users to buy items directly from business’ Facebook pages.
  • It’s currently being tested among a small number of users and a handful of retail and e-commerce companies.
  • On mobile, the shopping features will appear in a new “shopping” section on the page, while on desktop the shopping section will appear as a separate tab on the page in the same area where the Timeline, About, Photos and other tabs are currently located.
  • In the shopping section, companies will show off products in a format that appears to be similar to the way photos are laid out.
  • If you want to buy one of the products, the retailers will be able to choose whether the actual transaction will take place within Facebook or whether you’ll be redirected to the company’s website.
  • For those that choose to keep the shopping experience inside Facebook, the checkout process will be very similar to the one already in place on Facebook ads that use the buy button.
  • There’s no indication as to when it will expand to include more retailers or be surfaced to more users.

Takeaway: It doesn’t sound like Facebook plans to make money directly off shopping transactions for now, but all of these new shopping and payment-related features fall in line with the company’s larger goal of keeping users in its apps and website as long as possible. Good news for brands looking to increase online sales.

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Instagram Brings Search To The Web

Instagram is adding search to its desktop experience.

  • Users can now search hashtags, profiles and locations on comin a viewing experience that is beginning to grow much more congruous with the Instagram mobile app.
  • This is a pretty notable expansion for Instagram in growing its desktop presence, especially while other mobile-first apps like Snapchat have shown little interest in expanding their online interfaces for desktop users.

Takeaway: Now, by growing their desktop presence, Instagram is evolving viewing and searching through photo content into a cross-platform experience. Good news for brands that put a lot of effort into their Instagram content.

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Messenger App Giving Facebook’s Own Main App A Run For Its Money

If you needed more proof that Facebook’s Messenger app is ultra-popular, then here it is: It has now been downloaded more times than Facebook’s own main app

  • Messenger has so far gotten 646.6 million downloads from 2012 through to the first half of 2015
  • From the start, Facebook wanted to build up Messenger into a platform that was open to third-party developers. It has certainly made strides in this department, including in areas that permit the company to monetize the app. Messenger users, for example, can now send money to their friends, providing a growing and important revenue stream for Facebook.
  • And Facebook has more in store — on the horizon is a digital assistant for Messenger.

Takeaway: As the app gets more popular, brands should explore the best ways to engage audiences in Messenger.

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What You Need to Know About Facebook Videos

  • The platform is rolling out a ‘secret’ mode, where videos will only be playable via direct link (exclusivity factor can be played up here)
  • “Commercial break ads” are being tested – when users watch consecutive videos these ads would show up in between the videos
  • Being able to understand the story being told in the video with and without audio is important – not everyone turns the sound on at all, and the story looking interesting can spur users to turn the sound on. This is another reason the first few seconds of the video are crucial.
  • New and improved video upload tools are coming ‘over the coming weeks’. The tools will offer more customizable options, the ability to prohibit embeds on 3rd party sites and restrict audience by age and gender
  • As Snapchat refuses to allow horizontal video, viewership of vertical video is rising across channels

Takeaway: If you publish videos to Facebook, look out for these updates and make sure to test vertical videos (especially if the majority of your fans are on mobile). If your brand isn’t posting videos to Facebook yet…start.

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Twitter Background is Gone, But You Can Get It Back (kind of): 

Twitter removed the custom backgrounds yesterday to most users’ utter dismay.

  • If you didn’t notice Twitter removed all background images from the home and notifications timelines for all users, replacing them with a white background
  • The platform didn’t give an official reason why, but it’s speculated that it has something to do with ads. For example, your background was competing with homepage takeover ads
  • Whatever the reason, we now have a fix for it: From your profile go to Settings>Design and reset the background from there
  • The fix is not permanent, however, as you’ll notice your background goes back to white shortly after resetting it.

Takeaway: Get used to the white background, or make enough noise about it that Twitter changes it back.

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