Twitter Music Trends
Twitter Music Trends
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Twitter Music Trends (TMT) is a site/app that displays which music artists are trending on Twitter in real-time. Created at Music Hack Day Barcelona 2011 by a hacker named Adam Lindsay, TMT analyses the worldwide Twitter conversations around an artist and filters out content like chatter and song lyrics to display only relevant tweets about the artist.

How it works:
TMT app listens to music-related tweets using API from The Echo Nest. The Echo Nest platform combines large-scale data mining with other language and music-based processes to deliver dynamic music data to developers. TMT uses this data to look for artists being talked about on Twitter.

The data is aggregated and displayed in real-time on the TMT website and may be viewed in the following formats:

– Today: List of artists in trending order over the past 24 hours
– Trending: Trending happening in real-time
– Latest: A raw streaming list of artists as they are being talked about on Twitter

Potential Value:
Twitter’s Trends allow you to see the latest, most popular conversation topics happening on Twitter without segmenting by subject matter. By taking a specific subject of conversation (in this case music) and dividing it into relevant pages of information, the TMT app presents an opportunity for marketers, music industry professionals, music services and developers to capitalize on music conversations in real-time.

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