Brands should know 9 out of 10 women want to buy products with a cause attached.
Brands should know 9 out of 10 women want to buy products with a cause attached.
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Creating a Mom movement on Twitter. Is it possible? Can one person actually start a movement through 140 characters? The past two Fridays, I tried to by giving a shout out to the Moms I follow on Twitter. I announced I was trying to start a Mom movement #MILFF Mothers I Like to Follow Friday. #MILFF has created a lot of dialogue and my Twitter following jumped tremendously. My Klout standing, an organization that measures your influence, also took a big leap and #MILFF is my top 2 trending topic. I have a lot of fun with it. I think my next experiment will be to attach a drawing or a cause to it. A cause may cause it to skyrocket.

Just look at these statistics about Moms and their love for causes. The 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study shows 9 out of 10 want to buy products with a cause attached.

Despite the recession and the economic concerns, Moms, and particularly Millennial Moms (18-24 years old) want to buy, will switch to buy and have purchased more cause related products that any other demographic. Expectations have grown and we desire companies and products that support social and environmental needs.

• 95% find cause marketing acceptable (vs. 88% average
• 92 percent want to buy a product supporting a cause (vs. 81% average)
• 93% more likely to switch brands (93% vs. 80% average)
• 61% purchased more cause-related products in the past year than any other demographic (61% vs. 41% average).

94% of Millennials find cause marketing desirable and more than half have bought a product with a cause attached. And Millenials have nearly $40 billion in discretionary money to spend. And they are more likely to switch a brand if there is a cause.

The attached chart shows just how important causes are to Moms across a myriad of aspects:
• purchasing products
• learning about social or environment issues
• giving feedback to companies
• donating money
• volunteering

If you are brand looking to connect to Moms with a cause just remember these fews “Momisms” that are supported by this study. Moms like details: give them information and show them the impact of their efforts.

• Show the impact of the program. e.g. the amounts of meals given
• Show the amount per product given
• Show the purchase impact. e.g. Buy one, the company will give one.
• The donations made over the course of the cause
• Make sure you include social sharing features in the efforts
• Make it warm and personable

eMarketer. “How Retailers Can Reach Moms.” February 23, 2010.

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“Millennials” refers to survey respondents 18-24 years old. This is only one age segment of the entire Millennial generation.

“Moms” refers to female survey respondents who have children 17 or under living in their household.

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