Mary Kay Study on the Ten Things Women Want…Number 9 is social media.
Mary Kay Study on the Ten Things Women Want…Number 9 is social media.
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Mary Kay released a global study they conducted on the top things women want. The study released in July covered women’s thoughts from the U.S., Mexico, China, Russia, Brazil, Korea and Ukraine. The women were randomly selected based on age, lifestyle and other factors. They were asked to bring a friend along. Number 9 on the list was “Social Media”.

Every day facts and studies are released filled with statistics about women and Moms specifically. But facts are just facts. The challenge is taking those facts and turning them into ideas that reach and connect with women. Too often marketers take a fact and use it stereotypically depict her. “76% like to garden” will lead to visuals of women happily digging and planting in their garden. But what is the deeper meaning behind gardening? Is it escapism? A place where she can have serenity and a bit of quiet time? Is it significant because she is nurturing something and can watch the fruits of her labor grow. Is it because it’s a piece of beauty in her hectic life. These would be interesting thoughts to keep in mind in copy or in overall graphics of any social media creative.

The Mary Kay study gets into what women want from a more emotional place. And emotion is where women connect.
Here are the findings excerpted from (

1. Completeness: This means to put every area of her life together as she wants it. She knows what she wants, how to achieve it, and she is reliant on no one to get it.

2. Strength & Independence:
This desire is all about feminine power. Not in a “better than” way, but in a “different than but equal to” way. For these women, feminine power today is no longer a political rallying cry or a movement — it’s a tacit, personal assumption. It’s a state of being. It’s just the way things are. For women in the United States, this takes the form of confidence, and comes from “knowing what I’m talking about.”

3. Family + Choice: family IS very important to women from all cultures, what that family looks like and how women feel about it can be quite different than the traditional family models of the past.

4. Fulfilling Career: a very important part of our identity, and are significant contributors to our overall sense of independence and completeness. the on-going challenge that women have in finding balance

5. Connection/Sisterhood: Our girlfriends, in many ways, are our family. They provide a source of strength and security. They assist us when we need the help. They validate who we are and what we do. They can be our creative muse, and they (almost) always accept us as we are. Girlfriends are a safe haven from daily troubles, and can be great resources for help in many areas of our lives.

6. Personal Income: their own personal, disposable income.

7. Men, sometimes: The “complete” woman likes men, but doesn’t need them in the same way as before. Along with all the good that the men bring to their lives, at home they are someone to manage, and at work they are competitors on a playing field that is still seen as uneven. Women across the globe wish that the guys would be quicker to grasp and support the shift in women’s roles.

8. Pampering: today’s woman wants a reason and a way to pamper herself, or better yet, be pampered by others. She sees the importance of treating herself and gives herself the permission to do it, but often feels like she needs to earn it before she can indulge. Pampering is seen as a vital part of the “complete” woman’s healthy attitude.

9. Social Media:
it’s one of the basic ways in which women are communicating today, and communicating well is a crucial part of a woman demonstrating her success and self-realization. It’s so important that women will even sacrifice time with their children to “chat” with a girlfriend.

10. Trust: Whether you’re an individual, a small business, a multi-billion-dollar global corporation, a service provider, a charity, a government organization, you name it, if you’re not focusing on BUILDING TRUST with the women who interact with you, you will not be successful in these times.


  1. Liz

    10 years ago

    Becky, I see a lot of content but this really caught my eye, so kudos to you for featuring the Mary Kay survey, because it’s also what I hear from women over 40. Your readers may or may not know that Mary Kay Ash is a major role model for women over 40, since she began her company when she was 45 after being passed over for a promotion that went to a man that she had trained! I featured that information in the blog post I wrote last week urging women over 40 to DARE-Treasure women like Mary Kay, Liz Claiborne and other women over 40 who started businesses, causes and nonprofits at midlife. We are all sick of the cougar vs. cobra thing! Thanks for sharing this refreshing and inspiring news!

  2. Tre ~

    10 years ago

    Thanks so much Holly for offering the study and for enumerating the findings. I found myself nodding the whole read for these are the very reasons I blog and the very pulls I find myself wanting to fulfil w/in myself and respond to in others. So grateful that @alizasherman linked to this post on twitter and now to know of this site and your writings. Really appreciate your submiting this. Here’s to meeting the needs and then some! 🙂 Tre ~

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