You asked for it: come join the Mom-entum “Rule The House” twitter party.
You asked for it: come join the Mom-entum “Rule The House” twitter party.
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One of the keys to social media is listening to your community. Well, the Mom-entum community has spoken and asked for a twitter party. Not only did they ask, but several volunteered to be co-hosts and to gather twitter party prizes. So in the spirit of following an important social media rule of thumb, I’m throwing a twitter party this Friday.

But it won’t be just Dads, we will have Dad co-hosts. It should be a very interesting conversation around parenting styles. “Who is in charge at your home?” Or “When Dads help, does it hurt Mom’s self esteem?” Or “Who does what better?”

Please join us:
Rule The House Twitter Party
Friday, November 11th
9pm EST

Double hashtags:
Everyone uses #RuleTheHouse
Moms add additional hashtag #MomRules
Dads add additional hashtag #DadRules

We will be tracking Dads versus the Moms tweets!

Your Mom hosts are:

Kelly Loubet, @Childhood
Holly Rosen Fink, @theculturemom
Kelli Catana, @kellidaisy
Tracie Wagman, @Helpwevegotkids
Mara Shapiro, @ChickyMara
Michelle Kay, @thedomesticexec

Your Dad hosts are:
Collins Batchelor, @CollinsBat
John Taylor, @TheDaddyYoDude
Jeff Bogle, @OWTK
Tshaka Armstong, @Tshaka_zulu
Vincent Daly, @cutemonster
Joe Brazier, @ManvDadhood

And there will be prizes, too, even though several of you said, “Let’s just talk, we don’t need prizes.”

For the list of prizes and legal, please go to and click on the Rule The House tab.

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