What brands should know about Mommy bloggers
What brands should know about Mommy bloggers
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What brands should know about Mommy bloggers

Mom bloggers are often women with advanced degrees in many cases. Most are not hustlers using the web for a quick buck. They are Moms who care and have high ethics and standards.

They are worry warts, control freaks, party planners, artists and coffee drinkers.

They are witty, sarcastic, brutally honest at time and caring. Their blogs made be perceived as soap boxes but in reality, they are real women doing the best they and sharing their trials and tribulations with the world in the hopes they can share insight and experience that might help a fellow mother.

They are in search of a tribe to call their own and a place where they can talk about their own tribe. Mom bloggers have husbands, children, extended families, friends and communities they connect with through their blogs. Whether it’s stories, pictures, jokes, tips, contests, coupons or just her daily adventure she’s recording it for her followers to experience. And it all seems quite natural as Mom is generally the family archivist and conversation comes quite easy.

Mom bloggers range from technologically advanced to novices but regardless they are blogging and vlogging and texting and tweeting on every motherhood subject imaginable. It’s not all diapers and formula, but everything from food, style, pop culture to politics.

Why is she blogging? It’s because she can. And blogging doesn’t require you be a Hemingway, you just need to be personable. She’s blogging because she lacks adult conversation as she is caught up in raising children. She’s blogging for her causes, her politics, her passion,s to vent, to share and sometimes just for laughs.

And brands should get to know her, embrace her, respect her and work side-by-side with her.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

finslippy.com Alice Bradley claims she has been wading in the shallow end for years. She’s funny and writes funny books.

dooce.com Heather B. Armstrong threw rocks at trucks when she was little but now is professional blogger.

mom-101.com Liz Gumbinner is a Mom who claims she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

momtothescreamingmasses.typepad.com Carmen has six children. Need we say more? She can also be found on The Saavy Source running a group.

I could have made the list longer but I just burnt some eggs I was trying to hard boil for my daughter. I forgot all about them while writing this blog entry.

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