Vine for Twitter: What is it, and What Does it Mean for Brands?
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Twitter’s recent acquisition of Vine, a service designed to create 6-second, looping videos adds a new dimension to the micro-blogging site. Similar to GIFs, these videos allow users to capture and share a moment with the same conciseness that has defined Twitter to this point. According to the statement on Twitter’s blog, the belief is

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Hits Don’t Lie: 10 Ways for Bloggers to Engage with Big Brands
7 years ago 0 1

Countless articles have been written with insight and tips that teach marketers to connect with bloggers on behalf of their clients.  I still keep a couple of these ‘How To’ lists in my Firefox bookmarks.  Because of these insights I know that I need to be intimately familiar with the blogger’s brand and content.  I

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Redefining the Blogosphere
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In the thick of the WikiLeaks controversy, it’s time to re-evaluate and redefine the concept of a blog. The blog is here to stay, and for more reasons than just to provide a much-needed creative outlet for the public consciousness.