The Tao of Content Syndication
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“The Tao of Content Syndication” operates in a world where  building social components into the distribution model is vital. It used to be you just created content and bought the eyeballs. Now we live in a world where those eyeballs are playing many different roles: the consumer can be the producer, the distributor, the reviewer,

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Hits Don’t Lie: 10 Ways for Bloggers to Engage with Big Brands
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Countless articles have been written with insight and tips that teach marketers to connect with bloggers on behalf of their clients.  I still keep a couple of these ‘How To’ lists in my Firefox bookmarks.  Because of these insights I know that I need to be intimately familiar with the blogger’s brand and content.  I

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The “Life Stages” of Social Media ROI
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As marketers, we’re often asked to evaluate ROI on a campaign against agreed on KPIs. Some clients focus on impressions delivered against a specific target while other clients are interested in branded engagements from a larger audience. Both are important and are defined with the client based on the goals of the campaign. But…what we often forget is that an individual goes through several engagement cycles and it is by each stage, not just by the campaign, that we should define ROI.