Who Are The Modern-Day Mad Men?
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I just recently started watching Mad Men. At first I didn’t succumb to the hype, even with people telling me I’d LOVE the show (presumably because I work in advertising and know what cufflinks are). Instead my viewership began when my boss insinuated that I be ashamed for asking what Mad Men ads all over

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Dear Jon Hamm…from Avi Savar on behalf of GRAD MEN
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Avi Was more than happy to add some leverage to the Grad Men campaign, started by students of Creative Circus to convince the actor Jon Hamm to speak at their commencement ceremony – as his Emmy-nominated TV character, Don Draper from AMC’s Mad Men!

Good Point, Dexter
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Consumers are not blindly trusting of social media marketing campaigns.  As part of the strategy group here at Big Fuel, I re-discover every day that consumers have more faith in stories shared by peer groups than by profit-seekers.  There is more to the equation, though, than just who the storyteller is.  Content must be interesting

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