Meet David Chaitt, Distribution Manager
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Creating Experiences vs. Selling Music (Part 1)
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From mixtapes to Facebook listening parties, bands and artists alike are doing more and more to capture fans’ attention online with the hope that it will turn into album sales. As cd purchases continue to decline at a double-digit rate, digital downloads are becoming the industry standard – whether they’re paid for or not. Subsequently,

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Music Industry Finds a New Success Metric
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Eminem is the most ‘Liked’ artist on Facebook… period. There was once a time when success in the music industry was represented by record sales and who had the most chart topping hits. Today, we live in a very different age. How different of an age? Well, if Facebook ‘Likes’ are any indication, we have a

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‘Tis the Season to be Social: Big Fuel’s Top 10 Social Gifts
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Visit our new Facebook page. Retweet some joy this holiday season! Make this holiday season social with 10 great gift ideas for family, friends and followers. Perfect for the serious social media fanatic on your list. Share your favorites with your friends. Happy Holidays From Big Fuel!

How To Become An Overnight Social Media Superstar
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It started with a tweet. Granted, a tweet from very well-known influencer, Ashton Kutcher. On May 11 Kutcher tweets: “Watch the 1 girl in the back row that realizes she’s witnessing a future superstar in the making AMAZING->…”. The “future superstar”, Ashton was referring to, is 12-year-old Greyson Michael Chance.  Kutcher’s link directed his followers

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