Big Fuel’s Social Channel News Roundup: Week Ending November 16
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Pinterest accounts for brands, Facebook sharing goes mobile and the ability to email your tweets… Tons of news on the social media channel front this week. Missed it? We’ve got you covered. Here are the highlights:

Cause Celeb: Giving Charities and Non-Profits Star Power Through Social Media
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Celebrities and causes already make strange bedfellows – but when social media is the bed, it gets even more complicated. How much would you pay a Top 20 music artist for a tweet? What kind of endorsement video would you ask an Academy Award-winning actor to upload to YouTube? Charitable organizations have been leveraging star

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I’m going to live in extreme poverty.
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Did you know that 46.2 million people live below the poverty line in America alone? All around the world, there are entire countries in poverty, amounting to 1.4 BILLION men, women, and children worldwide living on less than $1.50 a day. So what is my next challenge? I managed to survive a March Madness challenge

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Hits Don’t Lie: 10 Ways for Bloggers to Engage with Big Brands
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Countless articles have been written with insight and tips that teach marketers to connect with bloggers on behalf of their clients.  I still keep a couple of these ‘How To’ lists in my Firefox bookmarks.  Because of these insights I know that I need to be intimately familiar with the blogger’s brand and content.  I

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Taking a Look at MTV’s 2011 VMA Social Campaign
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Last year was a great year for awards shows, which had been showing a decline in viewer interest in recent years. Social media added a new dimension of real-time excitement unprecedented in the entertainment industry. For the first time, viewers were able to share their comments about everything from red carpet outfits to explosive performances

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The TENTACULAS of Transmedia Storytelling
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I live in a story world and I am the Hero and the Princess.  Each and everyday I am creating and sharing my life with the world around me.  I blog, I tweet, tumbl, and make short films to express myself.  I am empowered and entrapped by media.  It’s 2011 and everyone is a producer

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How To Become An Overnight Social Media Superstar
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It started with a tweet. Granted, a tweet from very well-known influencer, Ashton Kutcher. On May 11 Kutcher tweets: “Watch the 1 girl in the back row that realizes she’s witnessing a future superstar in the making AMAZING->…”. The “future superstar”, Ashton was referring to, is 12-year-old Greyson Michael Chance.  Kutcher’s link directed his followers

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