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T-Mobile — Kim’s DataStash

 Big Fuel needed to create a campaign that made the most of T-Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial’s star, Kim Kardashian. But first, let us take a selfie…

Sally Hansen — #ShineOn

Sally Hansen was launching Triple Shine, a nail polish targeted towards a younger demographic with its ability to maintain shine, while weathering water and wear. Big Fuel’s challenge: Make a “splash” with the polish launch through targeting millennials with authentic and engaging content.

Gatorade – Everything to Prove

Gatorade wanted reinforce its role as THE authority in athletic excellence and sports nutrition through a partnership with the NFL. Big Fuel created a social plan that expanded on Gatorade’s existing Everything to Prove campaign by targeting teen athletes and generating scalable conversation around nutrition.

T-Mobile – The Breakup Letter

On January 8th, 2014, T-Mobile announced a program dealing with this frustration. To help grant customers the freedom to break up with their current carrier, T-Mobile offered to pay the early termination fees for anyone. Having noticed innumerable comments within T-Mobile’s social channels, Big Fuel created The Break Up Letter, which would live and grow on Facebook.

Burger King #WTFF

Big Fuel developed a pre-launch event to build interest in an organic way to avoid forced conversations with the brand.

T-Mobile – Life Without Limits

In Fall 2012 T-Mobile was the only mobile company in the US with a truly Unlimited Nationwide data plan. To accompany the huge push in media, they wanted a social campaign that would support this USP and bring to life the benefits of living unlimited.

Warner Brothers – Veronica Mars, The Movie

With an extremely limited budget and very lofty goals, Big Fuel was challenged to breathe life into the Veronica Mars Movie Fundraising efforts.

Best Buy – Back to School

Best Buy needed to connect with new & returning College Students as they prepared for their lives away from home as more than just a retailer, as their Back to School Techfitter.

T-Mobile — 2014 Retrospective

Through powerful, socially integrated campaigns, Big Fuel helped T-Mobile go from being the fastest shrinking wireless carrier to the fasting growing one in the country in just a year.

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