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Burger King #WTFF

Burger King #WTFF

The Challenge

There is perhaps no greater guilty pleasure in the world of eating than the french fry. In September, Burger King wanted to create a high-impact social media event to reach its target consumers in the launch of its new ”Satisfries,” a lower-fat, crinkle-cut french fry offering at its hamburger chains across the United States. The program needed to increase consumers’ interest in the new product, generate usage of the new hashtag: #WTFF (which stands for What The French Fry) and increase engagements and interactions on social media channels Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr.

The Work

Big Fuel developed a pre-launch event to build interest in an organic way to avoid forced conversations with the brand. It started on a Friday morning with #WTFF appearing on wild postings, spray-painted sidewalks and digital billboards. The following day, giant crinkle French fries tagged with #WTFF were distributed throughout Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, marking spots of free ”Wi-Fry.” To encourage interactions with the giant fries. No one was aware that Burger King was involved. Big Fuel also created new, non-branded social channels to engage with consumers using the #WTFF hashtag. Channels included WTFF2013 Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. None of Burger King’s existing channels were leveraged during the activation to align with the initial insight. Big Fuel proactively replied to, retweeted or favorited every single tweet that included the #WTFF hashtag or other keywords (e.g., Giant Fries, French Fries, Big Fries, Free Wi-Fry). The tone for the replies was Witty, and again non-branded. Additionally, 15 Instagram influencers were leveraged to strategically distribute non-branded content across relevant communities, all while maintaining the mystery of #WTFF

The Results

– Burger King announced new product on the Today Show, 3 days after giant fries were distributed

– Big Fuel “photo bombed” Today Show screening #WTFF generated a total of 48MM organic impressions on both Twitter and Instagram

– #Satisfried & #Satisfries generated 95MM organic impressions on Twitter and Instagram

– Images with #WTFF on Instagram received 126K engagements (likes + comments)

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