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T-Mobile – The Breakup Letter

T-Mobile – The Breakup Letter


The Challenge

In 2013, every time T-Mobile made what they call a “signature move”, Facebook comments filled with excited posts from potential customers.  Fans and potential customers wanted to sign up with T-Mobile but felt trapped by the fees in their current mobile phone contracts.  T-Mobile asked Big Fuel to create a campaign around the first signature move of 2014 by tapping into this frustration.

The Work

On January 8th, 2014, T-Mobile announced a program dealing with this frustration. To help grant customers the freedom to break up with their current carrier, T-Mobile offered to pay the early termination fees for anyone.  Having noticed innumerable comments within T-Mobile’s social channels, Big Fuel created The Break Up Letter, which would live and grow on Facebook.

Along with the social team at T-Mobile, we saw this as an easy way for people to announce to the world they were DONE being stuck in a bad relationship with their carrier.   Through this simple Facebook application, annoyed customers of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Others were able to make their voices heard throughout their social graphs.  In The Break Up Letter, users answered a few quick questions about why they were ready to separate from their existing mobile carrier.

These questions were drawn from conversations we noticed throughout T-Mobile’s social channels.  Similar to Mad Libs, the final result took these answers and generated a custom letter using T-Mobile’s current irreverent brand tone, look, and feel.

The Results

In less than a month, and without paid media support beyond Facebook, nearly 100,000 fans have created and downloaded letters.  There have been over 2 million page views of the app.  Fans are creating these via mobile and desktop, with nearly 70% of the letters being shared on Facebook.  In fact, early projections suggest we could increase new subscriptions by as much as 1-2% for the quarter, based on the new activity generated by the program.

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