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Warner Brothers – Veronica Mars, The Movie

Warner Brothers – Veronica Mars, The Movie

WarnerBrothers_VeronicaMars_Image_1The Challenge

With an extremely limited budget and very lofty goals, Big Fuel was challenged to breathe life into the Veronica Mars Movie Fundraising efforts.  The Veronica Mars television series was canceled in 2007 and its passionate fan base had expressed interest in a movie ever since. In 2013, the show’s writer (Rob Thomas) and star (Kristen Bell) wanted to give those fans an opportunity to make their wish a reality through a Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter campaign. If they received $2MM in funding through supporter pledges, they would Greenlight the film.

The Work

We first created content calendars for Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas, loaded with behind the scenes content from the show, an inside look at their lives and quirky language that was reminiscent of the original characters vernacular. We also provided Warner Brothers with content for the Facebook page, and created an Instagram page to access a wider audience. Posts encouraged fans to get involved and drove directly to the Kickstart page, while also building a social audience for future Veronica Mars movie promotion.
We then hosted a Twitter Q&A Party with Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell, allowing fans to ask questions to the stars  by using the hashtag #VeronicaMarsMovie, driving 2,400 mentions in only 20 minutes.
We worked closely with Warner Brothers, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell to create lightweight video content of the stars encouraging their audiences and expressing their excitement for the film.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we actively replied to fans on a one-to-one basis directly from Rob and Kristen’s personal social channels. Thanking them for their pledges drove extremely high sentiment and the organic growth that took the campaign viral.

The Results

The campaign changed Kickstarter and the movie industry forever. It was one of the most publicized and discussed activations in the history of social media.
– Fastest Kickstarter project to raise $1MM and $2MM
– Every major news publication covered the story the day of the launch, ranging from CNN to Forbes to Huffington Post.
– Goal of $2MM (highest goal ever set on Kickstarter) raised in one day, a single-day record
– 92K consumers pledged and over $5.7MM raised in support of the movie
– Usage of #VeronicaMarsMovie increased to over 850 mentions per day, and the Twitter Q&A party drove 2,400 mentions in just 20 minutes (2 mentions per second)
– Rob Thomas Twitter following grew over 700%
– Kristen Bell Twitter following grew to over 1MM
– Veronica Mars Movie Facebook page created at the end of the campaign to support the film throughout production achieved 24K fans and 17K PTAT in one week with NO paid media dollars
– Veronica Mars Movie Instagram page achieved over 11K followers in less than a month

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